Interactive Elements

Sometimes, I create interactive web elements to illustrate my research or support my teaching.
Here are a few examples.

Analytic Element Model

This element demonstrates how a flow field changes in the presence of an impermeable wall, an injection and extraction well, and variable regional flow.

Change of Variables

This interactive element shows how a function can transform a random variable x associated with a pdf p(x) into another random variable y associated with a pushforward pdf p(y).

Copula Sandbox

This sandbox illustrates several bivariate copulas (Gaussian, Clayton, Gumbel, Frank, and T), and shows how changing their parameters affects their shape.

Gaussian inference

This small element shows how the posterior changes for a Gaussian system when the prior, observation error, and observation value change.

Graph Elimination

This toolbox demonstrates how the variable elimination ordering affects the sparsity of a triangular transport map. Try finding an order that reduces fill-in edges.

Kalman Filter

This sandbox demonstrates the influence of forecast and observation errors on the state estimates for a satellite in orbit obtained through a Kalman filter.

Linear Transformation

A small element that illustrates the connection between entries of a transformation matrix and the corresponding linear transformation.

Particle Filter

This page includes a brief, informal description of how a particle filter can be used to correct the predictions and even parameters of a flawed model.